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When frozen, Bear Lake provides the best of many winter activities. Ski club groomers keep the 5 mile track open for ski skating and ski joring. The track follows the perimeter of the lake. Kite skiers use the lake and when the snow melts and refreezes to ice or when temperatures drop below freezing before the first snow, ice skating can be perfect. The lake is about 1 by 2 miles. The Iditarod trail crosses the lake in winter and follows the lake's east shore during the summer. Public parking is provided at the extreme south end of the lake. Access to the Iditarod trail is best had at the end of Bleth road at the beginning of a USFS maintained trail head.

Some tips: The south side of the lake is usually windier and therefore bumpier than the north side. After a few days of no snow or if there are icy refrozen snowmachine tracks at the south end of the lake, don't give up! Conditions almost always get better to the north. The west side is slightly more protected from the wind than the east side.

The world-class quality track is set by by dedicated all-volunteer groomers. Your membership fees pay for fuel and equipment. If you want join,
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After Bear Lake freezes, some of Seward's best skiing and ice skating can be enjoyed here

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Sometimes its pure slush and not good for skiing, mushing or skating.