[SNSC Trail Update] Seward Ranger District-November 1, 2018

Happy arrival of winter! Seward Ranger District received 1”-5” of snow Monday at trailheads. Trails are slippery due to frozen puddles and moisture saturated soils.

With the onset of winter conditions it’s time to be thinking of adding more to packs due to shorter days, colder temperatures, trapping season, ice, etc.……… With that in mind here’s a reminder to be mindful when adventuring over frozen water:

Please keep in mind that ice thickness may vary drastically on each body of water depending on location, just because I give ice thickness reports on frozen bodies of water does not mean ice travel is safe. There are many factors in determining where, how, when, and if you should travel on ice, here is a link with a lot of very good information on how to minimize dangers of falling through the ice and the many hazards associated with frozen water:  http://lakeice.squarespace.com/glossary/

DISCLAIMER – The above information is taken from publicly published electronic information, is uncensored and unedited, and does not necessarily report or reflect the opinions or the policies of the U.S. Forest Service.

This afternoon Tern Lake had 2” of ice measured near the parking lot on the Sterling Hwy.

Carter Lake near elevation 1,500 feet has 4” of snow. Lost Lake Elevation 1,800 feet has 5” of snow. Anticipate needing snowshoes after the next snow fall when traveling over Resurrection Pass from now until early June.

The following areas/roads are now closed and gated for the winter season:

Palmer Creek, Porcupine, Tenderfoot, and Trail River Campgrounds. Russian River C.G. entrance gate is open but anticipate this to close with next snowfall.

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